Arlene Romoff
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Everyone who is motivated to regard challenges as opportunities, to face down fears, and to turn adversity into advantage, will be guided - and inspired - by Arlene's story.

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n her two books, Arlene Romoff  tells of despair and of wonder. Born with normal hearing, Arlene began a gradual 25-year descent into deafness as a young adult. Left profoundly deaf, the miracle of cochlear implants brought a return to hearing.

Her keynote speeches move beyond the inspirational message of never giving up. While passionately pursuing solutions for her own hearing loss, Arlene devoted herself to advocating for the needs of the 14% of Americans with hearing loss, an invisible disability.*  Her story is one of real activism - and one of overcoming obstacles at every turn.

Although she gives the technical side of cochlear implants in an easy to follow manner, the real story is one of courage and tenacity in making the most of life's challenges.

“If the world doesn't provide you with
what you need, then you change the world."

                  Arlene Romoff in "Listening Closely"

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Books by
Arlene Romoff:

Listening Closely: A Journey to Bilateral Hearing (Charlesbridge/Imagine, 2011)

Hear Again: Back to Life with a Cochlear Implant
(Sterling, 2002)




* Gallaudet University 2009



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