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n this list is a collection of valuable resources for those with hearing loss. Each listing includes a brief explanation or description, and a  [GO TO]  link to get there.

“Communications Tips from Arlene”                 [GO TO]
Hearing Loss
- Nov/Dec 2008 - publication of the Hearing Loss Assn of America (HLAA)
This article has become a holiday tradition: coping with hearing loss at holiday events. It started out as an email entitled "Arlene's Thanksgiving Tips" and was ultimately published in Hearing Loss magazine because of its popularity.

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)  [GO TO]
HLAA is the nation’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss, providing assistance and resources for people with hearing loss and their families to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss. HLAA also impacts on communication access, public policy, research, public awareness, and service delivery related to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Assoc'n of New Jersey (HLA-NJ)     [GO TO]
HLA-NJ is the New Jersey state affiliate of the Hearing Loss Association of America.

Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC)  [GO TO]
CHC, w
ith offices in New York City and Florida, provides hearing health services to people of all ages who have a hearing loss - including free hearing screenings; complete hearing evaluations; pediatric services; hearing aid fittings, sales and repair; speech therapy; tinnitus retraining therapy; emotional health and wellness; and the evaluation and treatment of auditory processing disorder.

Advanced Bionics                                                      [GO TO]
The manufacturer of the cochlear implant devices Arlene uses.


Rear Window Captioning (RWC)                          [GO TO] Explains this closed captioning technology and includes a listing of theaters providing this service.

Captionfish                                                                [GO TO]
Use this website to locate captioned movies by inserting zip code.  It also provides open captioned trailers of movies.

Fandango                                                                     [GO TO]
Usually lists captioned movies where available.

Movie Tickets                                                             [GO TO]
Usually lists captioned movies where available.


C2 Caption Coalition                                     [GO TO]
c2 is the pioneer and provider of Live Performance Captioning (sm) at live theatrical and cultural events. This website provides an event calendar of open captioned performances at Broadway, off-Broadway and  regional U.S. theaters.

Theatre Development Fund (TDF)                         [GO TO] Register at this website to receive information about captioned live performances on Broadway and off-Broadway – with opportunities to order tickets in advance either online or by mail.  Additional information about regional U.S. theaters providing open captioning is also provided.

Stagetext                                                    [GO TO]
The organization in the UK that arranges open captioned live theater performances.

 GoTheatrical!                                             [GO TO]
The organization in Australia that provides open captioning of live theater performances.

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Arlene Romoff:

Listening Closely: A Journey to Bilateral Hearing (Charlesbridge/Imagine, 2011)

Hear Again: Back to Life with a Cochlear Implant (Sterling, 2002)





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